Saturday, 1 November 2014


Hello there,

If you're reading this then you've somehow stumbled across my blog and I've finally finished retyping my first post after trying to perfect it far too many times! The whole concept of someone reading what I've typed is both surreal and quite exciting to me, whether you've found this blog via one of the social medias I've most likely shared this upon, or even through a simple Google search, either way, I hope you give this little one a chance as I'm just starting out and not sure if what I'm writing is really all that interesting! The idea that I have with this blog is to give a realistic view on things I come across in day to day life, whether that be a book I've recently read, a beauty product I've used, a restaurant I've ate at or even a situation I've encountered; I want to give a 'notsorosetinted' (glasses) look on things. I'd also like to frequently post 'a day in the life' if that's something you'd be interested in? (Questioning in a text post and it being unknown as to whether anyone is on the receiving end seems so odd!)

I have a few ideas on what to have as my first few posts but I'd love to know what type of things you'd like to see on here..

All comments will be so greatly appreciated,

Thanks for reading,

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