Wednesday, 10 December 2014


After literally just stepping through the door from nipping into my local Tesco and battling the wind and rain to my front door, I knew I just had to make a post about this. So here I am, sat with a blanket wrapped around my feet, the heating on full blast and a cup of tea at the side of me. When my eyes laid on this I was a (little) beside myself and just knew it had to be the newest addition to my bookshelf. Not only do both my parents absolutely LOVE Downton Abbey but I do myself! After recently just visiting Highclere Castle, (the castle in which Downton is set) I thought it would make a lovely Christmas gift for my parents, although I must admit, I will probably have first dibs on looking through this after we play the traditional charades on Christmas evening.

The idea behind the book is that it explores every month throughout the year, learning about the characters (and the cast) and the sorts of things they get up to, whether that be in the seasonal month of Christmas or Easter, the debutante season, the hunt and much much more.. 

Part of the synopsis states that the book is 'packed full of exclusive new photography and brimming with traditional British recipes for each calendar month, such as kedgeree, asparagus tart, scones, sloe gin and Christmas pudding, this beautiful book takes us on a fascinating journey through a year in the life of Downtown Abbey.'

This would make an absolutely lovely gift for someone this Christmas, I know my parents will certainly appreciate it! I managed to get it for £9 from Tesco when the book actually retails for £20. You can find it here on the Tesco website. You can also buy the eBook version of this from Amazon for just £6.99 here.

That's all for now! 
Do you or someone you know love Downton Abbey as much as me and my parents do? 
I know we can't be the only ones.


  1. What a bargain compared to the retail price! We studied an episode of the show in media once and I wasn't too sure, but it's lovely that you and your parents can all watch it together!

    Jade x ♡

    1. I know, so happy with the price! Oh no, do you remember which episode it was you watched? I love it so much!
      Probably the History nerd in me though haha x