Wednesday, 17 December 2014


I can't believe how quickly Christmas is creeping upon us, I'm scared that it'll be gone before I've even had chance to soak it all in and enjoy it's loveliness. I guess there's always next year though, right?

As I'm writing this it's 8 more sleeps till the big fat man arrives! (and yes, I do mean Father Christmas). As I'm a bit of an eager beaver I've had all my Christmas presents wrapped up and placed under the Christmas tree for a good few weeks now, my excitement for the festive season starts a little prematurely!

So I thought I'd share this photo of the presents all wrapped and positioned ever so perfectly under my tree as I think it just looks so picturesque and lovely. 

This year I decided to use the old traditional brown paper and string, I bought the brown paper from Matalan and just picked the string up from a local DIY store. I really think this method of wrapping is so aesthetically pleasing and the best of all, is quick and simple! I'll definitely be wrapping my presents in this way for many Christmas' to come. Got to keep the traditions alive at this time of year!

I'd love to know what you think of this method and what type of methods you use? Such a simple thing yet such an effective and important part of the present giving!



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  2. I love the wrapping paper and string, it looks great and is cheap too. So personal. One year I wrapped all my christmas presents in newspaper. I did it to save money and to make my gifts stand out from other family members.
    You sound so excited for christmas.

    Lovely blog


    Love it if you stopped by mine

    1. The newspaper wrap sounds lovely, too!
      I'm very very excited :)
      thank you x

  3. I forgot to stay I like the parcel tags too :)