Sunday, 14 December 2014


As I was sat at my desk preparing to finish my English Literature coursework I became a little distracted by a little grey box with the words 'Vivienne Westwood' printed across the front. As my coursework was really going nowhere (and quite frankly neither was I-) I started to wonder whether a blogpost about the items inside of the box would be of interest to anyone or not. As you can probably tell, I didn't decide on the latter and so here I am writing about the little grey box, or more so, what's inside that caught my attention.

Since moving house over the past two months or so, rediscovering things that had previously been hidden away inside of a box somewhere had become some what a regular occurrence. So when I noticed I hadn't actually misplaced this little (expensive) box I was quite over the moon. I'll stop being all mysterious now and just get to it...

Taaadaaa. These absolute beauties, my Vivienne Westwood earrings. I was given these by my lovely boyfriend as a Christmas gift last year, I only ever bring them out on rare occasions as I'm so afraid I'll lose them! As we're currently in the Christmas period and there are a lot of family get togethers, parties and events on the loom, I'll definitely be bringing them out of their box and wearing them.

If you haven't already bought that 'special someone' a Christmas gift, or you're stuck for ideas, then I can personally say these were the best gift of jewellery I have ever received and I'd definitely recommend buying them. I believe these are the 'Mini Bas Relief' earrings and currently retail for around £70. These particular ones were in the shade 'light topaz' and were encrusted with Swarovski crystals, what an absolute dream.

I'll definitely be getting my wear out of this gorgeous piece of jewellery this up coming season and I'd definitely recommend them to anyone out their looking for a special pair of earrings. 

I'd be interested to know if anyone else has Vivienne Westwood jewellery of any kind and what they think of it? And if you're reading this with a piece in mind I'd love to know!



  1. Oh these are so lovely, you're such a lucky girl to have a boyfriend willing to get you vivienne westwood.

    little miss fii | Fii x

    1. Ahhhh I really am. I was over the moon when I opened them, so beautiful!