Friday, 24 July 2015


Hello there,
Just thought I'd show you a dress that I bought from H&M a couple of days ago, I'd seen it in the store as I was walking out with my already full bags and just couldn't justify going back in again!

However, a few days later when I got an e-mail from H&M advertising their sale and low and behold, the dress was in the sale, reduced from £7.99 to £4! I couldn't leave it for that and so I bought it straight away.


It's a lovely pattern and the colours are great for Summer. It's one of those dresses you can just quickly slip on over your bikini on holiday, or even to wear on a day out. It's got a lovely style at the back which adds a nice touch. I was really happy about getting this for just £4 and couldn't believe it was still in stock!

Have you bagged yourself a deal lately? If so, what was it? I love little finds like this.


  1. Such a pretty print, and a total bargain at £4! H&M has some lovely stuff in both their summer lines and their sale stuff at the moment. Great find :)

    Fii | little miss fii

    1. I totally agree! You can always rely on H&M for anything :)