Tuesday, 28 July 2015


There was a LOT of questions surrounding this when it was first released as bloggers/YouTubers/Instagramers around the world seemed to be receiving samples of this left, right and centre. The biggest questions: Does it actually work? Is it worth the money? Is this just another gimmick? So I'm going to do my best to answer them.

Personally, I only purchased this due to the fact I was going on holiday, and as I have a few (barely visible) stretch marks and cellulite on my upper thighs and bum, I thought I'd give it a go. The scrub is made up of all sorts of natural ingredients with the main being coffee beans. Quite strange that I went for the 'original' coffee flavour really as I cannot actually stand coffee, or the smell when it gets very overpowering, I guess you give anything a go when it comes to the 'bikini body.'

Now onto the price, it's $14.95, which is around £9.70 (call it £10) for  200g. Now I must admit, I don't think it's THAT bad, however, for the amount you need if you're planning to use it over your whole body, then it is questionable. This is certainly something I wouldn't use on a daily/showerly basis and only if I know I'm having my legs on show!

Is it just another product promising amazing things? Honestly, I can't answer this question 100%, it worked for what I needed it for and left my skin feeling super lovely and soft. I've seen amazing before and after photos of people using it for acne, scars, psoriasis and all sorts. I will say this though, it's a product I feel I need to constantly use every other day for the full effects, as after several days of not using it, my stretch marks became a little more apparent again.

Overall, I'd give the product about a 6/10, it worked for what I needed it for, but it has to constantly be used and repurchased (which costs £££) for maximum effect. The smell is a downfall for me but there is other options of a coconut flavour (however this costs more) and the roughness of the coffee beans is a little uncomfortable on sensitive skin. It did make my skin lovely and soft but the smell lingers for a while too!

Have any of you tried the Frank Body, body scrub? What did you think of it? I'm not sure i'm majorly convinced! 

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