Thursday, 23 July 2015


If you keep up with the current beauty/skincare trends, then you're probably aware about this in shower tan by St Tropez, which promises a gradual tan after 3 minutes of application in the shower.

Now I must admit, I was very dubious about this when I first heard about it and I was definitely apprehensive of buying it. However, I 'bit the bullet' and bought it, luckily it was on offer in Boots at the time for £9.50 rather than the RRP of £14.50, you can still get this offer, here.

  • only having to wait 3 minutes is brilliant. It really is a nice change from having to walk around the house like a big sticky mess, being careful not to touch the furniture. Not to mention the horrible biscuity smell that lingers around for days, ruins your bedsheets and stains your hands!
  • This tan is brilliant if like me, you're on the pale side and just want a little bit of colour to your skin. But the word 'little' really is just that. It's hardly noticeable so I would definitely suggest building this up for a more noticeable tan.
  • Additionally, if you've already got a tan, whether because you're on holiday, or you've come back, it's definitely great for maintaining and prolonging the tan. 

  • now, although 3 minutes is great, having to stand for 3 minutes with the shower turned off, in the nack, is a bit of a struggle. And lets be honest, 3 minutes feels like a very long time when you're freezing your ti--- boobs off! 
  • Another problem is knowing when the 3 minutes is up, now if you're like me and you have no clock or way of knowing the time in the shower, then a good idea is to sing a song, I think Lily Pebble's mentioned this in one of her videos, as she stated that many chart songs are around 3 minutes. Which I think is a brilliant idea. Just make sure you don't get carried away and go into full on groove!

Overall, if you're looking for a real dark/glowing tan, this is definitely not the product for that. When I first applied it, it was hardly noticeable, only until I applied a second coat did I see a bit of a difference. I would say it's great for topping up a tan and I think i'll be taking this on holiday with me to give myself a bit more of a glow (as I'm very pale and only really get more freckles!) Hope this little review helps some of you decide whether this is the tan for you. 

If you've used this too, let me know what you think about it! I'd be really interested to know if it's worked differently for anyone else, or if anyone has any tips.

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