Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Hello there lovelies,

This is a blogpost I've not seen very often around the blogging community, although I must admit, my bedside table isn't always this tidy! 

I have this lovely little marble dish from H&M which I am absolutely in love with. As you're probably aware, the marble background has become an almost staple item for the background of many blogposts and I find the trend so lovely and aesthetically pleasing on the eye. 

One of my absolute favourite scents and such a bargain is the Zara White Eau de Toilette, the scent is just so fresh and appealing, I couldn't go a day without wearing it. 

Now I must admit, the rose gold eyelash curlers from the Vintage Cosmetic Company are partly for effect, although I do use them occasionally, my eyelashes are naturally quite long and curled so I don't use them all that often, but they do look super cute against the marble!

At the moment, I have an Illamasqua lipstick in the shade 'Sangers', i recently wore this colour for a family meal, it's a lovely shade of red and great for an evening look.

Finally, i have a few pieces of my go to jewellery, including 2 pandora rings and a delicate little necklace from H&M.

I really find having a little dish on my bedside table useful for placing my everyday go to items on. The contrast of the marble and rose gold really add a nice effect and give it a little something extra!

I'd love to know what are your go to items that you just have to have beside you at all times?!
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